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What are credits and how do I earn them? »

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What are Credits, and How can I earn them?

Credits are a form of virtual currency on Pearland.com.

Registered Pearland.com members can earn credits on Pearland.com on the Chat Forums by:
  • Posting on the Chat forums.
  • Posting about local news and events
  • Creating new discussions that are informative, helpful, and/or entertaining
  • Replying or reacting to other members' messages
  • Participating actively: The more time you spend watching, chatting, and posting, the more credits you will earn

When you have enough credits, you can redeem them for gift cards on The Exchange!

  • KEEP IT LOCAL: You get EXTRA credits when you participate in local, town-specific discussions! You get fewer credits for national or region-wide discussion topics.
  • POST STUFF OTHER PEOPLE LIKE: You get more credits when you post stuff that others in the community appreciate. If your posts aren't well received by a lot of people in the community, you can lose credits!
  • REEDEM YOUR CREDITS: You can redeem your credits for gift cards or other prizes on "The Exchange".

Notes About the Pearland.com Digital Economy »

  • You can redeem the credits you've earned on The Exchange.
  • The Exchange may be closed from time to time. You can only redeem credits when The Exchange is open.

Credits and Exchange Program - Full Terms & Conditions

By using Pearland.com credits and the Exchange program, you signify acceptance of the following Terms.
Use of credits and the Exchange on Pearland.com is a privilege reserved for our best members. This privilege may be revoked at any time, as deemed appropriate by the Site owners / moderators, for reasons including but not limited to: misbehavior on the site; posting content that is against the Community Agreement or otherwise disruptive to the online Community; posting illegal or offensive content; continuing disruptive behavior after being asked to stop by an admin or moderator; posting content that may be damaging to the company or Pearland.com. Credits and their redemption is restricted to registered members who live within 10 miles of the town associated with the website, and items will not be shipped outside of the area.

You understand that while, at times, you may "buy" or "purchase" (a) virtual credits for use in the Service; or (b) virtual in-Service items, including but not limited to tipping (together with virtual credits, "Virtual Items"), these real world terms are only being used as shorthand. You do not in fact "own" the Virtual Items or Credits, and the amounts of any Virtual Item or Credits do not refer to any credit balance of real currency or its equivalent. Rather, Pearland.com grants you a limited license to use the Service, including software programs that may manifest themselves as these items.

The purchase of Virtual Credits or Items is a completed transaction upon Pearland.com's confirmation that you have redeemed credits or any other third party virtual currency, and confirmation by the company that the credits you redeemed them with were earned legitimately (which may occur after the actual purchase). Any virtual credits balance shown in your Pearland.com account does not constitute a real world balance or reflect any stored value, but instead constitutes a measurement of the extent of your license to the Virtual Items within the Service. You will not be able to sell Virtual Items or Credits in exchange for virtual or real currency credited back to your Pearland.com account, nor will you be able to receive a refund of virtual or real currency for Virtual Items (including any virtual credits), including if your access to the Pearland.com has been suspended, limited or terminated, or your account banned for any reason deemed appropriate by the Site owners / moderators.

The website may give credit rewards for certain activities more than others. If the program has detected an activity incorrectly, the credits awarded may be revoked at any time. For example, Local discussions on the forums earn more credits than Politics discussions. If you or the software incorrectly marks a discussion as Local instead of Political, the extra credits awarded may be removed by a moderator.

From time to time, you understand that software errors, glitches or malfunctions may arise due to the limitations of Pearland.com's software development budget. In the event of a software error, glitch or malfunction, for example where: your account is assigned credits that were not earned under the normal rules of the Credits program; or your account is assigned credits that is unusual and outside of the normal intent of the credits system to reward web site participation, information sharing and interaction with other members; or your account is assigned a higher than normal number of credits for your participation for whatever reason; or your account is assigned credits in a way that is deemed to be inappropriate or excessive by the web site owner; or you are able to "buy" Exchange items for below the item's normal credit value; or you are able to "buy" Exchange items without spending credits or through some other glitch in the program; then your credits and/or exchange purchases may be removed or deducted at any time in the future in the amount of the number of credits deemed to have been earned or Exchange items redeemed incorrectly earned, at the sole discretion and opinion of the web site administrator. To be clear, if there is a software error of any kind, the administrator may take back credits or exchange purchases assigned because of that error at any time. You understand and agree that this requirement must be in place to protect the health of the credits "economy" and to prevent potentially disastrous outcomes resulting from small software errors. In addition, you understand that without this paragraph being enforced in the strictest sense, Pearland.com would not have the budget to operate the "Credits" program due to inherent risks, and costs involved with software development where an error could cause large negative repercussions.

Your gift of certain Virtual Credits or Items to other participants on the Service may, but will not necessarily, appear in a public feed on the web site.

Tips and other Virtual Items gifted to other participants on the site may result in some revenue to those people, as determined in Pearland.com's sole discretion; however, Pearland.com makes no guarantee that the amount or value of the Virtual Credits or Items you may give a person will correlate to the revenue such a person may receive from Pearland.com.