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Would you like a lifetime shingle roof? - Pearland

Would you like a lifetime shingle roof? - Pearland

Published: Feb 22, 2018, 2:00pm

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Would you like a lifetime shingle roof for your home in southeast Texas?

It is raining and you have been thinking for replacing your roof. Here in the Houston Texas metro area it is not uncommon that homeowners will need to replace their roof every 10 - 15 years. Well, what if you can install a lifetime composition shingle roof? If that is of interest to you please read on.

It is that time were you need to replace your roof for your home. In the large sea of roofing shingles and warranties that are offered, why not get a GAF Lifetime Warranty Roofing System? Here we look at the offering and how you are protected as a homeowner with a better roofing system. 

GAF Roofing shingle manufactures offers a lifetime roof

With standard roofing shingles here in south east Texas a homeowner can expect to replace their roof every 10 - 15 years. This is due to the fact that because of our intense sun and rain, the shingles deteriorate faster. Granule loss happens at a faster rate and soon the roofing shingles will start to leak becuase the asphalt mat underneath is cracking and allowing water to penetrate into your home.

Roofing shingles need superior components to help them survive a longer life. This can long be done by adding superior components that will work together with the roofing shingle. Below are a few examples:

1 - For instance, felt buster offers a superior underlayment that is installed under your roofing shingles. This allows the shingles to lay flat on the deck (plywood) of your homes roofing surface. That allows for correct drainage of water. Also it allows fresh air to circulate under your shingles. This will help in the hot 6 month summers that we tend to have more fresh air underneath the roofing shingles. This will help slow granule loss.

2 - Ice & Water shield. This is used at water penetration areas such as pipe jacks, vents, valleys etc.. This will stop any water from entering past the roofing shingles at these vulnerable areas.

3 - Better ventilation. This is also another key factor in stopping granule loss. The better the ventilation, the more fresh air replaces the hot and humid air that is trapped in your attic. Your hot and humid attack will cause premature roofing shingle failure. Ventilation is the key.

4 - Pro starter strips. This is a shingle strip that is used before the main roofing shingles are installed. This has a special glue strip that is used at the edge that will hold down your roofing shingles from being blown off at the edges that is ofter the most common place.

Superior protection with better components

Felt Buster instead of standard tarpaper
Ice & Water shield in leak prone areas
Superior ventilation with GAF ridge vents
Pro Starter at the shingle ends to stop blow offs

We hope that you have found this information helpful! Please check out our Texas Home Exteriors website for helpful info motion that you might need.

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