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Understanding the NFRC Home Replacement Window Ratings Label - Pearland

Understanding the NFRC Home Replacement Window Ratings Label - Pearland

Published: Jan 05, 2018, 12:38pm

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So now is replacement window time for your home and you are wanting to know what the NFRC label is all about.  Here in this post we will explain what the rating system is and how it works. This is of most importance as you want to get the best energy efficient home replacement windows for your money.

Who is the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and what information do they provide?
That is a great question as many homeowners have asked in the past. This is an organization that is a non-profit independent labeling and rating company that rates the overall performance of replacement windows and products alike. They work to provide accurate NFRC window ratings performance information for contractors, builders, homeowners and the building code enforcers.

When considering replacing your windows there are a lot of vinyl replacement window options such as Low-E Glass, Argon Gas, Window Colors and Grids. Energy Star recognizes NFRC Label Window Testing as an Independent and Certified Energy Performance Window Rating Agency. Texas Home Exteriors provides to guide Texas homeowners in making the best and educated choice when replacing their windows with NFRC window rating information.

The NFRC Rating Label Is Broken Into Four Important Categories Below:
 1 - U-Factor
2 - Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
3 - Visible Transmittance
4 - Air leakage

At Texas Home Exteriors, we provide the NFRC replacement window label (see above) and information to help Texas homeowners better understand replacement window performance as well as replacement window ratings better to help with your new window selection.

1 - U-Factor
This rating shows how much Heat is Transferred by the entire window (frame, sash and glass). One might call this, invisible insulation. For instance, the smaller U-Factor would mean a window would provide more comfort to sit next to on colder winter days.

2 - Visible Light Transmittance
This rating how how much outside Visible Light enters the room through the window. This measurement is not a percentage but a rating between .0 and 1.00 with .0 blocking out all visible outside light and 1.00 allowing all visible outside light to enter the room.

3 - Solar Heat Coefficient
This rating shows how much Heat Energy is Entering the home through the entire window. A lower SHGC will reduce AC Cost and provide a more comfortable window to sit next to on Hot Summer days.
SHGC of 0.30 = 30% of Solar Heat enters the room from the outside.

4 - Air Leakage
This rating shows how much Outside Air enters into a home through the window. Good Air Leakage rates typically range between 0.1 and 0.4. The Lower the Air Leakage, the better the window is at keeping the Outside Air out of our Houston Texas metro area homes. This is of most importance in our Texas windstorm areas such as Friendswood, Seabrook, League City etc...

The NFRC Window Ratings Conclusion
With this information you are better educated to make a replacement window decision that will provide you with energy efficiency and comfort year after year. It is important for you to be an educated and informed homeowner when it comes to replacing your windows because this will ultimately affect your utility bills usage.  This is of most importance.

We truly hope that you have found this post must helpful in making an informed and educated decision when it comes to replacing the windows in your home. If you like what you have read, follow our blog  of Texas Home Exteriors. This post is full of great content to help provide you with information and insight into many home improvement decisions including NFRC Window Ratings for new windows. Should you have any questions on installing new energy efficient rfec-placement windows, feel free to contact us.

For more information about Texas Home Exteriors, visit

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