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What Will It Cost To Replace My Roof? - Pearland

What Will It Cost To Replace My Roof? - Pearland

Published: Aug 10, 2017, 1:00pm

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What Will It Cost To Replace My Roof? 4 Things Homeowners Should Know!

The time to replace your roof is some time when it is over 10 years old. There are some things you should consider as you move forward with replacement. Those important things we have posted in this article for you below. Remember, knowledge is power. The more informed you are as a homeowner, the greater you will be able to protect one of your biggest assets, your home.

What to look out for?
You are noticing a leak or two and want to take care of the problem to prevent extensive water damage. Shingles have blown off of your roof. Another thing you may also be noticing more and more is small dark-colored granules showing up in your driveway after it rains. Or many of the roofing granules are in your gutter. This is a good indication it is time to replace your roof.

What determines a roof replacement cost?
In most cases, there are four factors that will ultimately determine the total cost involved in a roof replacement. Although there are many roofing companies, here in our The Woodlands Texas metro area, they all use the same principles in gathering information on what to charge homeowners for their roof replacement. Considering this information can especially come in handy as homeowners move forward with getting estimates from various roofing contractors.

Below are four items which are considered in the cost of a roof replacement:

1- The Roof Surface Size
Of course, the larger the roof area that needs changing, the more it is going to cost for the roof replacement. Roofers will use a method called “total squares” of the roof to understand how large your roof is and how much material and labor will be needed for the project. In short, they are taking the total square footage of the roofing surface area.

2 - Removal of Existing Roofing Materials
What type of roofing is currently on the home? Are there wood shingles on the roof now, or are they composition (asphalt) shingles? And, how many layers of roofing are in need of removal? The more layers needing to be removed, the more the cost is going to be as this requires more labor time.

3 - The Slope of the Roof
Can you imagine working on a two-story home with a steep roof? Who is going to get up there to make repairs? "Certainly not me," you could very well be saying to yourself. A home with a steep roof on a 2nd story home is much more difficult to work on and takes some skill and experience to safely maneuver the body, materials and tools in this situation. Because of this, the roofers install “roof jacks” every few feet, this is to prevent the shingles and the roofers themselves from sliding right off the roof, which could be a very dangerous situation.

Steepness is one of the reasons the slope of the roof can affect the overall roof replacement cost; in this case, it would increase the cost as it will take longer and is a much more difficult roof to complete. Generally, the steeper the roof, the more it will cost.

4 - New Shingle Selection
Each roofing manufacturer offers different roofing shingles which each come in a variety of styles and warranties. The longer the warranty, the greater the cost of the shingles. “Designer shingles” such as the ultra high definition shingles are more sought after and are more costly to manufacture so the manufacturers naturally charge more. Each of the above factors will have an impact on your total roof replacement cost.

I have written a more in-depth version of roof replacement cost on my website providing even more information you need to know and educate yourself as you move forward with the decision to replace your roof. This link will provide you with even more insight and make you a more educated homeowner about roof replacement cost. Knowing how roofing companies gather a total replacement cost will also arm you with knowledge, and knowledge is power when talking with roofing contractors and getting your estimates!

We hope you have found this post informative, if so, please comment or ask any questions that you might have, I’d love to hear from you!


For more information about roof replacement cost, visit TexasHomeExteriors.com/Roof-Replacement-Cost/

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