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Passing this on from today-

Passing this on from today-

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Author Photo by: Magnolia832 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 15 days ago   May 20 2020, 8:12pm 
Passing this on from today-
Hi everyone. My wife was almost robbed at H-E-B on 518 and 288. Be careful. It was a white car with paper tags and dark windows. She unloaded her groceries and was bringing the basket to the cart rack when she turned to go back to the car, both front and read door were open and a male was in the front seat. Fortunately, her purse was not visible. She remotely honked the horn and the thief left in the car. Someone else was driving. I called the store manager to alert him. Their security is obviously not on top of things. We will start going to the other H-E-B on Pearland Parkway now.
Person 1
Hair: Dark
Vehicle 1
Color: White
Type: Car
License Plate: Paper tag
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Author Photo Stealth83 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 15 days ago   May 20 2020, 8:28pm 
Wow hope they called police. The store manager cant do anything
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Author Photo Dorothy Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 15 days ago   May 20 2020, 8:40pm 
Sorry your wife experienced that but I doubt it has anything to do with which store you went to.
www.houstonchronicle .com/neighborhood/pe arland/news/article/ Police-Armed-te
Friendswood HEB robbery
Suspect Arrested: HEB purse snatching robbery
The suspect vehicle involved in the HEB parking lot purse-snatching robbery on February 10 at 4:48 p.m. was found in a parking lot in Pasadena with Ricardo Ramos Pereira, 23, of Pasadena, passed out inside. The HEB victim's purse, wallet and other stolen items were found inside the stolen vehicle.
Pereira is currently charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (Vehicle Theft) and Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon connected with another incident. He is in jail, without bond, in Harris County. He has a hearing set for March 20.
A warrant charging Pereira with Robbery, for the Friendswood HEB incident, was issued on February 13 in Galveston County. Once his accomplice is positively identified, additional charges will be filed.
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Author Photo Acg7707 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 15 days ago   May 20 2020, 9:58pm 
Glad your wife is okay. That is very scary, and I sure hope they catch them soon!
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Author Photo Knk Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 15 days ago   May 21 2020, 10:01am 
@Magnolia832 : I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's experience. I'm glad she is okay. Did you contact the Pearland Police Department and file a report? I would recommend doing that. Maybe the PPD can view video coverage on the cameras HEB has in the parking lots.
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Author Photo Inb0913 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 15 days ago   May 21 2020, 10:46am 
@Magnolia832 : Is this happened to you yesterday? It's terrible. I heard last night that crime has escaleted tremendously with the stAy home order. I think 🤔 People is getting crazier by the minute.
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Author Photo carymc1 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 14 days ago   May 21 2020, 12:36pm 
Wow - I am so sorry your wife went through that - but thank you for posting. I never thought about someone stealing when you go to return your basket. I will be more diligent now.
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Author Photo Cruzen4Brewsin Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 14 days ago   May 21 2020, 1:21pm 
The PPD needs to be everywhere. Before lockdown I was walking out of Sprouts with groceries. A lady in blue scrubs was pushing a basket ahead of me. She stopped, walked back to table by the door and picked up a case of oranges. Placed in her basket.
She looked like a first responder.scrubs, mask, googles, and hat. I followed her out. She was parked next to me in the parking lot. I followed her to her car. Did not unlock my car. She pushed her basket full of groceries around her car and left sitting. Then walked across the lot to Burger King. Stayed on her phone.
I just stood there. Waiting. Another hoopie pulled up behind her car and a man dressed like her got out and started loading the groceries in her car. She was watching from the Burger King parking lot.
Once done he jumped in his car and drove off. She was still at Burger King.
By then I had spent 10 minutes standing in the parking lot. Unlocked my car and drove off.
I am deeply disturbed when I see theft like that. No telling about the other items in the basket.
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Author Photo Ks366 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 14 days ago   May 21 2020, 6:57pm 
So sorry your wife had to go through this. Tell her I'm really proud of her to have the presence of mind to do what she did. I would call the police so they could be on the lookout for someone matching that description.
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