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Points of Distribution Exercise - Volunteers wanted!

Points of Distribution Exercise - Volunteers wanted!

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Author Photo by: PearlandDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 7 mos ago   Oct 22 2019, 10:40am 
Points of Distribution Exercise - Volunteers wanted!
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Thursday,October 24 The City of Pearland Office of Emergency Management and Brazoria County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program are executing a full-scale Points of Distribution exercise.
We are currently searching for volunteers to assist with this exercise as recipients.
Click here to register:
www.eventbrite.com/e /public-health-emerg ency-preparedness-ex ercise-particip
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Author Photo Magnolia832 Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 7 mos ago   Oct 22 2019, 1:28pm 
Kinda scary , but glad we are doing this to prepare. Hope it will never be for real. 🥺🥺🥺
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Author Photo PamCan Active Indicator LED Icon New Member
~ 7 mos ago   Oct 22 2019, 1:44pm 
What is this distribution about exactly?
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Author Photo jrkbird Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 7 mos ago   Oct 22 2019, 2:21pm 
@PamCan : The purpose of the exercise is to train volunteers - for PODs specifically most volunteers are doctors and nurses - fully accredited - and then basic volunteers for things such as traffic control, setup/take down/administrative/etc.
The POD is Point of Distribution - in the even of something such as bioterrorism, or mass outbreak of a virus or bacteria - a POD would be the distribution point for any innoculants to be destributed to the general public.
It is a proven fact that the drive through PODs work best in these situations.
For volunteer POD training they usually distribute skittles or M&M's or some such. Or at least they used to.
A basic chain of events:
A mass prophalaxis need is declared and public notice is given via TV/Radio/Phone/Etc with the POD location.
You get in your car and drive the the POD site. You remain in your car and drive through everything, never having to leave your car.
Station 1: Someone greets you at the site and directs you to a line of cars.
Station 2: Someone else comes to your car window and gets basic info needed for the particular instance - probably names and ages of all persons in car.
Station 3: You may have to sign something saying you've been there.
Station 4: You verify name and age of each in car and receive one prophylaxis per person in vehicle.
Station 5: You throw away your pill cup.
And you drive home!
I was certified to work as a volunteer in a POD for the County & City several years ago. Pretty intensive training.
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